Cheryl Cole: I can’t take any more

Gamu-gate may have forcefully ripped the ‘Nation’s Sweetheart’ sash from Cheryl Cole’s chest last week and etched ‘Public Enemy Number One’ on her forehead instead, but that’s the least of her problems.

As we can reveal, poor Cheryl has secretly been at breaking point thanks to X Factor contestants Katie Waissel, 24, and Cher Lloyd, 17.

It’s true that Cheryl, 27, felt hung out to dry by her fellow X Factor judges and ITV producers when they didn’t give her any public support during last week’s backlash over her controversial decision not to put Zimbabwean Gamu Nhengu through to the finals.

But it’s the constant trouble-making from two of the girls she did put through in her category that’s at the core of the drama that could cause her to quit the show.

‘Cheryl had to have crisis talks with her management as to how to go forward,’ says an insider.

‘She was in tears as she’s never been so ridiculed, and no one – not Simon Cowell nor the producers – was speaking out in her defence.

‘And then she started having to deal with needy Cher Lloyd and cocky Katie Waissel causing serious trouble behind the scenes.’

An ITV source adds: ‘Katie was winding up some of the contestants and Cheryl was having to deal with the fallout. Katie really started getting on Cher and Rebecca Ferguson’s nerves – it upset Cher in particular, and she’d go crying to Cheryl, who was dealing with her own major problems, at every single opportunity.’

See the full story about Cheryl Cole in Now Magazine dated 18 October 2010 – out now!


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