BMW – Flash Projection /

Famous companies and brands spend millions of dollars on advertisement every year,to build interest of the people in their product so that people can remember what ad was all about.And in that quest BMW has come with an unique and never used before idea of making sure viewers remember its latest ad,as they are imprinting the firm’s logo on people’s retina.The new advert which has been previewed at cinemas in Germany,uses the phenomena that occurs when you look at the sun and then close your eyes,it leaves an after-image that can still be seen for several moments afterwards. A heavy duty flash specially designed for lighting film sets that shines through a cardboard stencil right at the end.When the flash goes off during the advert it just seems like standard flash and could be taken as being the headlights from the super bike.But when the audience then close their eyes they are startled to see the clear after-image of the BMW logo on their eyelids. A video explaining how the advert works has crated a serious buzz on the internet and has been viewed almost half a million times so far.


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