Suge Knight Arrested 2010,Killed Tupac

Latest U.S Update Suge Knight Arrested 2010, Suge Knight Arrested – With Suge Knight killed Tupac? This is a serious problem for millions of minds when they become a super video and stupid rumors circulating on the web today. While Suge Knight was arrested today in fact. Any difference between the traffic violation and charged with murder. Well, I think that recent rumors of more creative than the rumors of death. There have been reports that have been flooding chat and bulletin said the former CEO of Death Row, Knight Marion “Suge” was arrested and charged Wednesday, December 29, 1996 murder of rapper Tupac Shakur. So far, the Return of rumors of some people who say that Knight is now a suspect in the murder of another rap and hip-hop icon Smalls “Biggie” late Christopher.


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One Response to Suge Knight Arrested 2010,Killed Tupac

  1. vassal says:

    let for me alone suge knows the death of tupac. at the traffic jam tupac was shot only and that nite they tupac had a fight with another gangster. suge k. was used to trap tupac or for him to inherit his album as tupac went into his music recording. tupac did not pull out all his music before he died and he had some count charges but no enogh money to pay this led him to suge recording firm.

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