Usher loves Cheryl Cole’s sexy accent

Usher reckons “none too shabby” Cheryl Cole would be a great choice for the US version of X-Factor.
Cheryl jetted over to LA earlier in the week prompting speculation that it could be land the role as an X-Factor judge and leading to reports that she will undergo elocution lessons for fears that Americans wouldn’t understand her. But Usher would love to see Cheryl land the job, “Ah man we love English accents! Personally, I think it’s sexy, and I think Cheryl will represent you guys very well being a darling of the UK, she’s not so shabby.”The OMG star has just come to the end of his UK tour and says he’s a big supporter of reality shows, “The success of these shows has been incredible. It’s an ultimate development of talent and I’m all for that, for introducing new talent and new artists.“What I do like now is that the shows have become more conscious about what music is, the challenge for me is giving them [fans] the new modern sound and also kinda the old skool, because you can’t run away from being able to sing, it’s great to be able to perform and dance but if you can’t stand in front of a microphone and captivate an audience with your voice then this isn’t even a conversation as an artist.”


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